Brian Downey’s Alive & Dangerous

Brian Michael Downey….ein Zeitzeuge der Rockmusik, eine lebende Legende, das Original-Gründungsmitglied von Thin Lizzy!

Der in Dublin/Irland geborene Schlagzeuger ist mitverantwortlich für wahre und zeitlose Rock-Klassiker. Zusammen mit dem unvergessenen Phil Lynott war er bis zur ersten Auflösung 1983 die einzige Konstante der Band.

Aber nicht nur für Thin Lizzy war Downey am Schlagzeug aktiv. Auch für Gary Moore, der ebenfalls für einige Zeit bei Lizzy tätig war, hat er im Studio die Drums bedient. Unter anderem für das legendäre Album „Still Got The Blues“.

Mit Downey ́s Band „Alive & Dangerous“ ist er – nach wie vor – live aktiv und halt die einzigartige Thin Lizzy-Spirit nämlich am Leben!

Für viele Schlagzeuger war Downey die Inspiration und der Antrieb. Seine Bandkollegen von Alive & Dangerous profitieren von so viel knowhow und Erfahrung und genießen die Zusammenarbeit mit Downey.

„Alive & Dangerous“. Eines der besten Live-Alben der Rockgeschichte. Von einer der besten Bands ever: THIN LIZZY.

„The Boys Are Back In Town“, „Don ́t Believe A Word“, „Dancing In The Moonlight“, „Jailbreak“. Unvergessen. Unvergleihlich. Unverschämt gut.

Leider ist der charismatische Frontmann Phil Lynott viel zu früh von uns gegangen. Aber Thin Lizzy-Gründungsmitglied und Drummer Brian Downey hält die irische Rock-Flagge weiterhin weit weit oben!

Wer also wahre Rock-Klassiker mal wieder live aus erster Hand erleben möchte, der sollte sich Brian Downey ́s Alive & Dangerous unbedingt antun.

Brian Downey (Drums/backing vocals) Brian Grace (Lead guitar/backing vocals) Phil Edgar (Lead Guitar/backing vocals) Matt Wilson (Bass guitar/lead vocals)


***50 Jahre Thin Lizzy!***


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Brian Grace: Lead guitar/backing vocals

Brian is a well known musician in Ireland and has a career spanning almost 30 years. He started playing with the legendary Brush Shiels (Skid Row) in the ’80’s, moving on to play and record worldwide with the likes of Rob Strong, Andrew Strong (The Commitments) and Juliet Turner. Brian was musical director on the famous “Vibe for Philo” in Dublin and was a major contributor every year since 1986. Brian is widely regarded as one of Ireland’s finest guitarists and would give any players out there, past and present, a serious run for their money!!!


Phil Edgar: Lead guitar/backing vocals

Phil hails from Lisburn near Belfast in Northern Ireland and was born to play rock ’n‘ roll!! His early career saw him play with local bands and was heavily influenced by the music of Thin Lizzy, The Eagles and Peter Green. More recently Phil has had major exposure with Matt Wilson in The Sensational Northern Irish band, El Dude Brothers. Phil’s reputation as a young tear-away guitarist gives ALIVE AND DANGEROUS a sparkling injection of passion, style and flair.


Matt Wilson: Bass guitar/lead vocals

Matt is a Belfast based musician and vocalist with a fervent love of blues, rock and soul. Starting off at an early age as a boy soprano, his teens saw him flirting with various bands, playing standards from Jimi Hendrix, Bill Withers and Funkadelic, leading him to become one of Northern Ireland’s most sought after radio jingle and corporate vocalists. The influence of Thin Lizzy’s music and in Particular, Phil Lynott’s vocal/writing style, making the perfect frontman for ALIVE AND DANGEROUS…….Are you ready?!


Brian Downey on drums needs no introduction……

Hailing originally from Dublin, Brian enjoyed his first taste of success in Ireland with the top 20 hit ‚Morning Dew‘ before forming ‚Orphanage with Phil Lynott. The two went on to form the legendary Thin Lizzy with Eric Bell and Brian remained a constant member until the band split in 1983. Having worked on Phil Lynott’s solo albums and the subsequent Grand Slam project. Brian relocated back to Dublin around the time of Phil’s untimely death on January 4th 1986. Brian remained in constant demand as both a touring and session drummer and regulary played live shows and recorded with renowned guitarist Gary Moore.

Brian is often cited as being an influence by many of the world’s top drummers and feels invigorated to be playing the songs he co-wrote in Thin Lizzy with his new band ALIVE AND DANGEROUS.

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